US Address

How to get a US Based Mailling address for non residents?

A US based mailing address can be obtained throught a mail forwarding company. A mailing address in United States is very usefull for a number of reasons:

  • You can shop online and ask your goods to be delivered to your mailing address in the US and then forwarded to your home address.
  • This is specially good in some online stores or sites that don’t ship outside US. Like a lot of eBay sellers. This also is a great chioce if the shippings cost is just too expensive.
  • You can also use your US address to sign up in services that don’t allow non US residents.

Check below services:

You can get a address in CA, USA with this service. They have reasonable fee and they also offer Assisted Purchase service.

Bongo provides international consumers with a US address. The address located at our warehouse in the north east of the US. The fee is not cheap.

Access USA
This is a very high quality service. They have a one time fee and montly or yearly subscriptions. Their rates are really good. Specially if you are going to use thier services often.

USA 2 Me
This mail forwarding company offer a “Bronze” plan that has one time set up fee ($25) and no monthly fees. Which means, if you never receive any mail to the address, you never have to pay for the service. Of course if you do need to have mail forwarded to you there is a fee.

US Global Mail
Mail forwarding at US Global Mail means your very own US mailing address: a suite, box, department, or office in the United States!

Earth Class Mail
View scanned images of your sealed envelopes online, then choose to have your mail securely scanned into a PDF document, recycled, shredded or forwarded to you or someone else.

This service is great for people living in Latin America. They have no setup fees. However their charges are not the cheaper.