Bank of America account for non resident (step 2)

The most importan step, contacting the bank. We will tell you what you should talk? What do you need and prepare? Are you ready?

STEP 2: Contacting the Bank

Customer service is very good, however there could be situation on which this is not the case (new personal or simply a bad employee).

On this cases is better to keep calm and try to work along with the assitant to help him/her do they job the best they can.

Remember, this is NOT a standar proccess so there can be substantial differences on what they ask you. Always show yourself professional and offer all your help in give them what they could need.

Let them know that you have meet people that have an account with them and you have hear good comments on their service. Let them know that you are aware of the patriot act and you are able to give them any documents/proofs they would require.

Is always good to let them know that you already are getting payments/funds from US based clients/employeers and that’s the main reason for you to have the account (it’s NOT a good idea to said “I want this account to see if can start an online/paypal based business”)

Steps to open Bank of America account:

  1. Requirements
  2. Contacting the bank
  3. The Welcome Kit
  4. Deposit/Withdrawals