Bank of America account for non resident (step 3)

The Welcome Kit from Bank of America is what you get for now, you are almost get the account. Just follow these steps to get the account opened successful.

STEP 3: The Welcome Kit

After contacting customer service they will ask for you to send the documents, normally via regular mail.

The documents arrive on different envelopes, and not always the same day. It’s most likely that the bank ask you for a US based address to send the documents.

If you have friend or family living on US, you can ask the some help with this. However you can can also use the service we offer on Free Guide. You can also see how to get a US based phone number.

Remember that you need a real US based address, not a P.O. Box. The bank will not accept that.

To activate your ATM card you need to call a special number that is on a sticker added to it (1-888-624-2323)

The activation of your online banking services also requires the help of the customer service (unless they already optimized the proccess). Simply contact them.

Steps to open Bank of America account:

  1. Requirements
  2. Contacting the bank
  3. The Welcome Kit
  4. Deposit/Withdrawals