Bank of America account for non resident (step 4)

What you learn in this article are how to deposit your account? How to withdraw money? And we also talk about what you should do if the bank don’t approve your account.

STEP 4: Deposit/Withdrawals

You can receive direct ceposit via ACH from PayPal, 2Checkout or even direct payments from customers in US. Simply use the next information:

  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Bank account

You can make withdrawals from any VISA ATM worldwide. ATMs charges fees. Try to know this to avoid surprises.

I always prefer to use modern ATMs on which you don’t need to insert your card, but simply slide it on a reader. By this I avoid the risk that an ATM take my card by mistake.

What to do if the bank don’t approve your account?

There is a chance that the bank don’t approve your account. Keep the calm as a negative doesn’t mean the last word.

Try to know the reasons for the negative and see if you can solve it. Probably they would require more documents or a better banking story.

Steps to open Bank of America account:

  1. Requirements
  2. Contacting the bank
  3. The Welcome Kit
  4. Deposit/Withdrawals