E*TRADE bank account (step 2)

Learn more how to request checkbook and login to your online banking with E*Trade. This is step 2, easy one.

STEP 2: Requesting your free check book

You can phone E*Trade and request your check book before you receive your welcome kit. You can even request your free check book before any funds have been deposited into your account. Just call E*Trade on 1-916-636-2510. Alternatively you can wait to request a check book after you receive your welcome pack.

You can also ask for your account details (over the phone) at this time and login to your bank account. YOU DO NOT have to wait for your welcome pack to access your account and deposit funds.

If you got the welcome kit with online banking login details, you can login to your account on E*Trade website. Send your resquest by message center. If you don’t see your login details, just call the bank and ask for the account user name, password, they will need verification by asking your personal details.

Steps to open E*Trade bank account:

  1. Opening your account
  2. Requesting your free check book
  3. Initial Deposit & How to deposit your account online by PayPal
  4. Requesting your Platinum VISA debit card