E*TRADE bank account (step 3)

Find more details about your initial deposit, how to fund your account online from PayPal, 2Checkout, MoneyBookers or another account types.

STEP 3: Initial Deposit

You can fund your account by including a US check or US money order with your application. However, if you are including a check or money order, it will need to be in the amount of $1,000 minimum. Or…

You can fund your account in any amount via your PayPal, 2Checkout or any other account (such as AlertPay, MoneyBookers…etc). My initial deposit was only $100 sent from PayPal.

Please note that when I say use PayPal or 2Checkout or another online accounts, that means you will need to signup these accounts, link your US Bank account with these accounts and withdraw money from these accounts to your US Bank account.

For an example, you goto PayPal.com, register an account here, next add your new US bank account to your PayPal account. Then you have to verify your bank account by entering 2 small deposits from PayPal, just check your online transaction history, you will see them within 2-3 business days. If someone send you money, you can see the balance on your PayPal account. You can now click to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your US Bank. That’s how it works. Same with 2Checkout, you will need to register a merchant account, selling products and you can withdraw money. Not so hard to unterstand.

You can also wire funds from your home bank account, in any amount. Ask your local bank for wire transfer details, make sure you read step 4 for E*Trade banking details.

Steps to open E*Trade bank account:

  1. Opening your account
  2. Requesting your free check book
  3. Initial Deposit & How to deposit your account online by PayPal
  4. Requesting your Platinum VISA debit card