E*TRADE bank account (step 4)

The final step, you will learn how to request a free Visa Debit card. You also see more details about banking details for wire transfer, direct deposit (ACH)… etc.

STEP 4: Requesting your Platinum VISA debit card

When you write application forms, remember check ‘E*TRADE Complete Platinum Visa Debit Card’ on ‘Cash Management Features’ on part 4/ page 2. You will receive a Visa Debit card and PIN number on two different FedEx mail packs. For security reason, so no one can get both of your card and PIN. It takes about 10 business days to arrive and they might not coming in same time.

Below are images of Visa Debit Card and Checkbook:

Check and Visa Debit card

After your account has been opened

Once your account is open you are now ready to add your details to PayPal or any other place you want to receive ACH (direct debits) from. Just enter the following details to transfer funds into your new US account.

Bank name: ETRADE BANK
Routing number: 056073573
Account number: This is your personal account number (8 digits)
Account type: Checking Account

You can now transfer funds from PayPal to your US account.

* Please note that doing an ACH (direct transfer) is different than a wire transfer. A wire transfer (usually used for International Transfers) has a different routing number.

You can find more details at https://global.etrade.com/gl/products-services/open-an-account

So, thats all for E*Trade, it’s not so hard to get an account in US. Right? If you have any questions, just use comment form below. Enjoy!

Steps to open E*Trade bank account:

  1. Opening your account
  2. Requesting your free check book
  3. Initial Deposit & How to deposit your account online by PayPal
  4. Requesting your Platinum VISA debit card

  • Ab Dawoud

    Thanks a lot for this great information and the great help you provided to make me understand the process..
    But, I have this question: when I checked the last link you provided I noticed this
    “The minimum deposit is USD$1,000 for a Cash Account and USD$2,000 for a Margin Account”

    What does that mean?

    • Sajithranga

      is it still working ?

    • Sajithranga

      is it still working ?