HSBC Bank account for non resident (step 4)

Letter from your local bank is also required, make sure you know about it. This is an important step.

STEP 4: Local References

The bank will ask you to send references in order to complain with the Patriot Act.

It’s very important to have a local bank reference letter. As to send screenshots of the local bank accounts you have. By doing this the bank is working according the Patriot Act, which demands that they should be making all the reasonable efforts to validate the customer origin.

If you don’t have a local bank account or credit cards, you better get it prior the procces fr opening the US bank account in HSCB.

Your local address needs to be validated with an utility bill. If this documents don’t have your name on it or if the address is not exact you need to fix that. If it’s a rented place you need to send a signed contract that can certified your address.

Steps to open HSBC account:

  1. The process in simple words
  2. Choose account type
  3. A US based mailing address
  4. Local references
  5. Set up your online banking service
  6. Always tell the truth

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  • Raul

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