HSBC Bank account for non resident (step 6)

This is the guide tells you about what you should say when discussing with the bank. Truth, always tell the trust.

STEP 6: Always tell the truth

Don’t try to disguise your situation to improve the odds on getting the account. If they simply suspect there is something unclear they will simply tell you that you can’t have the account.

For instance, as you will be using a mailing address service, you need to mention it as it is: A forwarding mail service for merchandise and regular documents/letters. Be sure not to use a Postal Address or P.O. Box, which is not accepted by the bank. Even when this is similar the big difference is that a forwarding mail services have a person responsible of receiving the documents which will not going to happen in a P.O. Box. If the bank ask you need to explain it in clear therms.

HSCB customer service is very friendly and they do try to give you the best service possible. At the end if you do everything correctly you will see it is worth the effort.

Steps to open HSBC account:

  1. The process in simple words
  2. Choose account type
  3. A US based mailing address
  4. Local references
  5. Set up your online banking service
  6. Always tell the truth

  • Yunusa Aliu

    Please for opening a Free Account with HSBC for non resident, what is the minimum money to start that they accept to open it? I am looking at what I can afford is not beyond as average person.